Misanthropunk (2017)

by Insömniax

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released January 11, 2017

Jimmy: all instruments, vocals
Mixing & mastering: Jimmy, "Grim Reaper", Civilian Slime



all rights reserved


Insömniax West Memphis, Arkansas

One man asocial crust metal from Arkansas.

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Track Name: Narkolypse Formula 1
Today I'm dirty - tomorrow just dirt
Grinding existence - I'm ready to burst
The pain is sharp and never goes away
The good times belong to yesterday
Shaking vision and palpitations
Life of claustrophobic strangulation
Addicted to the pill - I can't stay asleep
I'm so disconnected, broken down and cheap

Narkolypse F1 - depression and anxiety are crowned #1
Narkolypse F1 - sedated and dying, ain't it such "fun"

Lights, camera, chemical reaction
Twisted mind is gutted and contracted
From the bloody entrails to the speedfreak way
My pressure goes low as my night bleeds into another day
Razor wire slicing and splattering in my brain
Misery and loneliness stake their claims on my pain
Pulsing across the finish line as my vision goes low
After all these years, I've only my hatred to show
Track Name: Misanthropunk
I gots my beliefs and what I know and hold to be true
Ever since the start, I got this far without any help from you
Never cared for your plastic bands or the empty words you say
Never cared about what's new and hip in the scene today

Trendy and sterile... but who is to blame?
Disposing the junk - your ship is sunk

Offering nothing new, but still you're wanting more
Praising Satan and sluts - you're such a played out bore

Trendy and sterile... but who is to blame?
All fashion, no content - you're all the same
Disposing the junk - your band is such bunk
Track Name: Slicin' on Thru
Dazed 'n' out - it's such a shame
All I got's that sharp nerve pain

Break neck speed - it's red and true
Sonic violence ripping thru

Go, go, go - much too slow
Falling fast and sinking low
How much harder can I go?

Break neck speed - it's red and true
Sonic violence slicin' thru

Slicin' on thru
Track Name: Distortion 'til Deafness
D-beat destructor - Street city sweeper
The light of the end - the nuclear reaper
Raining down hard like a hail of lead
Flesh melting off - mangled limbs of children dead
Slicin on thru - from your neck to your spine
Vision of genocide, but I'm feeling just fine
So damn loud, but how fast can you go?
My headache is screaming - still much too slow

Distortion 'til deafness
I'll give you distortion 'til deafness

The ones in power - the ones I despise
I'd rather be deafened by noize than blinded by lies
Fascist scum - I'll saw through your head
Communist subhuman - I'll leave you in a ditch - dead
No time for politics in a world full of shit
Time to take your meds and let extinction submit
I'd rather be deaf than blind and dumb
Raw crust attack to annihilate the scum
Track Name: Tomorrow is Gone
Every day I'm overcome with stress
Pissing away my youth - wrecked in distress
Disgust in my eyes - awaits my demise
Always fucked it up no matter what I tried

Tomorrow - tomorrow is here
Tomorrow brings the gifts of monotony and fear
Tomorrow... tomorrow will come

Every day passes by like a ghost
I smash my fist into the mirror at the one I hate the most
No money, no romance, no future, no way
Today ends in shit just like any other day

Tomorrow - tomorrow is a lie
Jaded and weary - am I living just to die?
Tomorrow... tomorrow is gone
Track Name: Torque of the Town
Pest control - I do my job well
I'm the best dealer on this side of hell
Pain is my business - department of speed
Exterminating your subhuman breed
Takin' on the trash - first place prize
Hit 'n' run 'n' lockdown on all I despise
Running on fumes - I'll never slow down
Obsessed and reckless - the torque of the town

I do what I do, and I do that, it's true
Fast and ferocious - ripping right through
Talk is so cheap - I don't care what you say
Go ahead, punk, make my day
Track Name: Watz it 2 U
Track Name: Rust Never Sleep (Anti Cimex)
Anti Cimex
Track Name: Breakin' New Ground
Separate the chaff from the wheat
Still broke and still pissed but never scream defeat
So bloody tired - I need a brand new fix
My mind is so tired and so warped and sick
Hospital stays and emergency rooms
Wasting away my 20s inside this four wall tomb
My hope has been fading and it's fading fast
I need a shift kick right up the ass

Breakin' new ground
Break it on down
Killing my pain with distortion and brutalized sound
A new age and a new era has come
Shedding of the old skin and slicing thru the scum
Raw brutal noise to deafen the crap that you spew
I gots a new agenda and there's no room for you

They said I couldn't do it - laughed in my face
But they crashed and burned and I'm still in this race
It's a race against time and against my mind
All the friendships I've lost and left behind
Didn't mean much and even less to me
Born on the outside - bastard of society
From the school to the unemployment line
Done my time and now I'm here to take what's mine

Breakin' new ground
Break it on down
Killing my pain with distortion and brutalized sound
This isn't the first but it could be my last
Going hard into overdrive, running low on gas
Enemy of the scene and an enemy of you
Self destruct into obscurity by the time I'm through
Track Name: My Eyes
Don't tell me what to think or say
Or how to live my life each and every day
Down on this earth is a living hell
I'm just a broken man who's now an empty shell
I've been burning bridges since the very start
Hellbent on tearing myself apart
Society's disease is grinding me down
Day to day life lead to this breakdown

I've had enough - enough of you
For another fee you can help me see it through
Mandatory sessions - I see through your lies
You'll never know what goes on behind my eyes

Take the pills that you tell me to take
Go to therapy - show you my headache
Such a waste of time - so full of shit
Crook in a suit - I will never submit
Lived my life well - this life of pain
There is no cure - diagnosed deranged
Can't seem to function in society
Every day gets harder and it's killing me